Open-Workstation for Ødipus REC.

Artistic Intervention in public space
Operadagen 2018, Rotterdam / 19.-22.5.2018

THE NAVDISONS meet during the Operadagen 2018 in Rotterdam to develop their current production Ødipus REC. in the form of an ‘open-workstation’. The publicly accessible platform makes visible and audible what takes place conventionally behind the scenes, in protected, but also ‘exchange-hostile’ spaces. THE NAVIDSONS open their working meetings to the public and other collaborators to start a dialogue about the metaphorical meaning of blindness, about questions about the practical implementation of sound, music, stage, etc. and about compositional sketches and dramaturgical ideas of the planned music theatre Ødipus REC.

The ‘open-workstation’ is a development of concepts about multiple authorship from the production The Navidson Records (UA: Biennale München 2016). Within the framework of Operadagen, the action is equally an artistic statement on a world that is increasingly moving into protectionist, anti-democratic structures and is abolishing the diversity of the common interest and access to open spaces.

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