Teatro Piccolo Arsenale Venedig / 6.10.2017

The music theater project “Orpheus Moments” deals with the breaking of reality into the artificial-fictional world of theater and its consequences. The artistic result is a playful-comical piece, which is intended to entertain and challenge the audience with an unusual view of the possibilities of a performance. In doing so, traditional forms of opera as well as the situation of deconstructed theatre are used. However, the changes from one context to another are made so fluently that they seem like two sides of the same thing: namely the perception of the world and the desire to understand what is true. In the course of the plot, reality breaks in in the form of an accident of the main character. He stumbles, falls and injures himself during the last rehearsal before the premiere, which should have been a reinterpretation of the well-known Orpheus myth. Now, however, the moment of the accident is held under the music-theatrical microscope: the stretched subjective perception of time of the opera singers in this one moment is turned outside and transferred to the collective perception of time of the audience. In the course of this “re-enactment”, which is intended to transform the careless moment of error and failure into a successful new work of art, we experience in a large musical ensemble what Eurydice and Orpheus (or the singer) think and perceive. The composer and the stage technician also have their say in the form of further roles.

With: Friederike Blum, Jakob Boeckh, Pablo Bottinelli, Ole Hübner, Timotheus Maas, Julia Mihály, Michael Taylor, Tassilo Tesche
Ex Novo Ensemble | musical direction Filippo Perocco

Production for the 61st International Contemporary Music Festival of the Biennale di Venezia (Biennale Musica – College)

Photos Lucia Menegazzo and A. Avezzu (Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia)

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